Head Photographer

Hi, my name is Yohan, welcome to my Wedding Photography Website!

Every couple has a love story, when you work with us we are committed to telling your love story beautifully and unique to every couple that we select to works with.

Get to Know, Yohan:

Her love for Art is her foundation as she tells it “I had a pencil in one hand and a drawing pad in the other from as early as 2, according to my dad”. For Yohan photography is another art form that allows her to capture moments in time that truly last a lifetime. Her work looks for the most artistic angel and candid moments, based on her love of clean lines found in architecture, graphically centered and her art background. Her style when it comes to wedding photography leans towards a naturally lit but artistic approach to photography, she wants all her images to be magazine ready and shoots that way.

Our signature is:
Creative + Fearless + Artistic + Honestly Composed + Great Lighting
= Print Ready Art Pieces that last a Lifetime.

This formula allow for the raw emotions and personality of our clients to come forward organically. At the heart of our photography is a love for people, Art, beauty, and a stylized sense for composition.

When it comes to your wedding we know you have waited a lifetime for this moment, planned every last detail of your special day and want it to go flawlessly. Don’t trust your most precious memories to just anyone, allow our skilled Head Photographer and staff to present your special day in a way that will warm your heart and stir your emotions for years to come. Yohan tries to push her creative limits with bold colors, innovative lighting and poses. However, she also understand the process of a wedding day which therefore allows her to now what to look for based on your complementary consultation with Yohan.  Contact her today to book one!

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to getting to know you and your other half.

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